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Piyo Piyo

Piyo Piyo 10-Pack Waterproof Disposable Bib

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  • Three-layer waterproof structure design.
  • Independent single-piece packaging, easy to carry, can be used at home and travel.
  • Water-repellent surface layer, skin-friendly and soft, and comfortable to wear.
  • Absorbing water layer, rapid water absorption, drip-proof.
  • Waterproof bottom layer, no leakage, keep clothes dry.
  • Adjustable neck design for more comfortable wear.
  • Anti-displacement patch on the back of the bib, which is attached to the front of the clothes to prevent movement and fall off.
  • Deep front pocket is perfect for catching food while keeping your baby and surrounding area clean.
  • Size: 35L x 23.5W cm
  • Materials: Surface layer - PET non-woven fabric, Middle layer - Absorbent paper, Bottom layer - PE waterproof membrane, Release paper.